Molly's Life

Molly is a dog that I will never forget. I am not saying that she doesn't have flaws (because TRUST me she does) , but it is her flaws that bring out the best in her. When I get home from school, she is the first one to greet me at the door. Molly has had a very plentiful life, and the most important part, she doesn't even know happened. This is when my 1st dog Scout ( Vizsla) died. She took about 3 months to become herself again. Little did we know that cancer is very common in Vizslas. This was about 6 months before we got our new puppy, Bella (Vizsla). I guess we couldn't just let her go.

Molly's 1st year

This is a picture of Molly right after her 1st haircut.

This is Molly cuddling up with Bella on a cold winter night by the fireplace.